Hello, we are Love & Humphries. We are printers that are big enough to be able to help you in most cases but small enough to care. We take an innovative and creative approach to the world of print.

We’ll happily print leaflets, business cards and brochures but we’ll also go further by making them stand out from the crowd using special techniques and materials. We print ID and Membership cards, stage passes, books, pamphlets, stickers, labels, packaging, posters, leaflets, stationery … we can even print menus that you can put into a dishwasher – at Love & Humphries we call them Super Tough Menus!

Whatever you need to print, we’d love to hear about it.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas? Who knew there was such a thing? We rebuilt this from a well worn out 1920 copy. We scanned the images, retyped and set the text and built new covers. Sewn and taped. A great present for sailors.

Bee’s Knees Awards Booklet

Donation Box

An off the self suggestion box that we branded up for the client. Print and wrap!

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers…in a cheque book style so you can keep tack of who what and when!  We can use foil to add a touch of class and provide greater security. And the best thing about gift vouchers? You’d be amazed at how many never get cashed in!

Greenock Chamber of Commerce


Labels – small quantities or large, cut out, foiled ….just ask.